The Brand

Carlottas Village is an authentic brand. The company is owned and operated by the founders. We design, manufacture and sell spectacle frames and sunglasses, because we simply can´t help it!


We think it´s great fun to put our tiny mark on the world. And we get so excited when we spot you on the street wearing your Carlotta frame. Because, we made it just for you. The models and the moviestars can wear our frames as well. But we actually do make them mostly for you. Because, you´re part of the diversity and individualism, we would like to keep around. If we all look the same, it gets really boring...

We carefully choose every single dealer. It has to be fun to work together, and it really is, when you can share excitement.

We´re also the ones taken the decisions on marketing and photos. It is just so important that it reflects the Carlotta DNA as well as our message.

At a pinch we might also be the ones who packed and shipped your frame. But usually, we do require some help for tasks like this. We look forward to equipping you with a(nother) Carlotta frame...


The Story


CARLOTTAS VILLAGE was founded by danish designer Charlotte Leth and her husband Bo, who has a lifetime experience in the eyewear business, being an agent of different brands in the Scandinavian market.


The very first thought came several years ago initiated by their numerous visits to optical fairs all over the world. They always had a special fondness of high quality acetate eyewear and the wish to have their own collection is not a new thing. They missed just the right styles in the existing market and often discussed their own designs. But Charlotte was busy being a management consultant and Bo was busy selling what he already had in his agencies, and then the twins entered the scene...


Charlotte has been doing creative work "on the side" all her life, so it was a dream come true to be able to work with design full time.


The combination of Charlottes creative and mangerial skills and Bo´s sales experience from the eyewear business makes them a perfect team also in their worklife. In 2008 acetate frames started coming up again and as the retro trend fit perfectly with the type of frames they love, they decided to make their own interpretation. Featuring high quality acetate styles in large sizes, and spectacular colours they launched their first collection in 2009. The rest is history you migth say...


Since then they have added a lot of other more fashionable acetate styles to the collection, and have become known as firstmovers in eyewear trends.


The latest newcomer is a beta titanium line for the spectacle bearers that prefer metal frames. Adressing the Scandinvian design tradition with it´s clean simplicity and no disturbing details. Super light and comfortable using Charlottes´ own design of natural rubber temple tips.